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I decided to revisit  in words and paintings the contemporary sins that we as individuals commit and that are at the root of all our society's ills... 

... and to wink at these accusers, who are thus skilfully diverting attention away from their place and, by the same token, away from the essential question: 


What about the co-responsibility of ALL of us ?

SOcial MEdia

In Business and in the media, Social Media are known by the acronym SO ME.

The evocative power of its literal definition led me to present social networks from this angle: the omnipresence of the Self.

I used recycled materials to remain within the framework of the #Contemporary sins series, and to give the viewer the simplest, most direct access possible to the work.

Wood, cardboard, foam and paper come in opposition to technology.

Distinct, interwoven, moving windows associated with an ubiquitous image that can be interpreted at will, and therefore elusive in terms of both the codes and the filters used.

The race for more and more "ecellent marks" generated by social networks is represented in a playful, childlike way through its symbols. Symbols that are both inciting and heavily indicative: "Like(s)" "follower(s)" "share" or "comment(s)". 

Here again, wood, a salvaged material, is used in keeping with the #Péchés contemporains series, to give the viewer the most direct possible access to the work and to stand in opposition to technology.


The English language has become part of our lives, and the word BUY is omnipresent, so associating it with BYE seemed an obvious way to evoke this evil of the century in my own way.

Fingerprints, movement and repetition to accentuate the mechanical side of technology, combined with an image and words that highlight the diktat imposed by major brands, among others.